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Renowned speaker, trainer and consultant on human optimisation

I hold each and every single word here dearly to my heart, the fact that my writings touch people’s heart or tickle their inner soul, in any way, makes all of this worthwhile.

So, thank you for being you and thank you for showing and sharing the love.

” I read one of your pieces and it really got me, then I read another one and I thought I must go on reading more of your pieces. I was really stunned and touched by many of the pieces I read and thought I should send you this as a form of being thankful for a beautiful pieces of writings, and to encourage you to do more of this.”

– Amir El Agamy, Real Estate Consultant, Egypt


“Ever since I came across your new posts, I don’t know why but I feel like I have some sort of connection with you that I get excited every time I see your name pop up on my news feed… now seeing your posts puts a smile on my face every single time …”

– Nour Awamleh, Jordan


Beautiful Sara ❤
I love reading your written thoughts
Keep it up”

– Muna Zaqashaw, Researcher, Jordan


“You have a true passion and a talent for captivating people with words, I really enjoyed this piece “

-Ross Anderson, Renowned speaker, trainer and consultant on human optimisation, Scotland


“Your way of writing is so touching, smooth and the words take you from one place to the other in drawing the whole and inspiring emotional picture,…”

– Mayan Hazem, Fundraising Senior Officer, Egypt

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