The 5 Ultimate Self-Destruction Habits Of Humankind

The 5 Ultimate Self-Destruction Habits Of Humankind

That moment when you wake up!

You thought it means to wake up from sleep, didn’t you? 

Well, it doesn’t!

I’m talking about a different level of waking up… the moment you open our eyes and see yourself, for the first time. 

We are usually the one person who is standing between us and our dreams, and here is how we do it… 

The 5 ultimate self- destruction habits of humankind:

1-  Oblivion, 

Not asking yourself the most important questions in life: 

Who am I? Why am I here? And what do I stand for? 

These three questions, if answered, will change your life. Have you ever started a relationship with someone before you actually got to know them, I hope not! 

The exact same thing happens here, you can’t start building a relationship with yourself if you don’t really know who you are, what your goals are in life and what are the main values you live by. 

2- Self- doubt

That is one creepy monster! You don’t feel it’s coming and then suddenly you see it in front of you and get too scared to even move. 

Self doubt is paralyzing, it will forever keep you in your place because you don’t believe in yourself enough to take any step. 

It’s that voice inside your head that tells you: you are not ready, you don’t have it in you, and maybe it’s not for you. 

So, keep an eye out for this monster and have enough faith in yourself that when you see it you have the courage to say no I do have it in me and I will do it.

3- Comfort Zone

This is more like the friend you don’t really want to have. The friend that tells you it’s okay to just go out and party every night when you’re twenty-nine, just because you used to do that when you were eighteen and life was going perfectly fine. 

But life changes, and you want to change with it. The higher the wave, the better your surfing skills ought to be. 

So step out of your comfort zone, do things that scare you sometimes, raise your own bar, learn and new skill, watch yourself grow and cheer on. 

4- Distraction

We live in a time where peace and quiet is a luxury. It’s like you’re trying to make a conversation with someone in the middle of a crowd. Will you be able to listen to them? Of course not!

That is where we are now, we are always trying to get our own attention, but we can’t even listen to ourselves anymore. There is just so much noise around us; the noise of a busy life, of a demanding job, of our thoughts about our busy life and our demanding job.

Our attention span is becoming shorter and shorter because we’re getting used to what’s quick and easy.

But the question is, how will we ever know who we are if we’re never really there with ourselves anymore.

5- Just Being Mean

That is when you choose to be mean to yourself, to be harsh on yourself and to beat yourself up. 

Why didn’t I do well in that meeting? I look too fat! I’m too thin! I wish had long hair! My hair looked better short! I’m never going to make it! Who do I think I am! 

I can literally go on forever…

How will your car be if you kept treating it like crap? It will break down! And probably way sooner than expected. 

We are exactly the same, we will break down at a certain point if we keep mistreating ourselves. 

Self love is compassion, it’s support, it’s looking at yourself and saying thank you! You did your best today and that was awesome.

It’s patting yourself on the back after a long day, it’s saying I love you for who you are and for what I want you to be. 

Self love is being full of yourself enough to be able to give, to share and to attract what you want in your life and not what you need. 

“No one is you, and that is your superpower

Peace & Love,





Are You Feeling Lost?

Are You Feeling Lost?

Where are you now in your life? and how do you look at it?

For a lot of us, this is something that we think about but don’t really invest too much time trying to figure it out.

The thing is, we usually look at our life from one angle only- and that is the angle we think will provide us with the ultimate happiness.

So, for example, let’s say your career is on top of your priority pyramid. How will you look at your life then? You will over fixate on everything that is related to your career; whether it was the number of hours you work in a week, the deal you are waiting for, the project you are working on, etc. You tend to lose sleep sometimes because you have a deadline, or you miss your yoga class because you have a business dinner, or you take a raincheck on your date night with your partner because this project is just too important!

But, have you ever thought about how will this affect your life?

Let’s imagine something together- you have an empty garden, and you take one corner of that garden and keep planting it, taking care of it, and watering it. What will you end up with? a very unbalanced garden! Most of your garden will still be as empty as it was when you first were looking at it.

This is exactly how our life is. We have multiple areas that compromise our entire life experience and these include, our relationships, our health and physical exercise, our finances, our spirituality and our learning and growth.

Which is more important than the other? none is! they are all equally important. They all add up together to create this perfect well-rounded living experience.

Taking care of only one of these areas will leave you with a big empty hole, a feeling of dissatisfaction with the status quo, and an eagerness for change, or for having something different.

The secret to happiness is balance! it’s having loving and supportive relationships, a healthy body, a strong mind, a passionate career and progress in the right direction.

How does that happen?

By checking in with yourself and re-organizing your priorities every time you feel something is out of balance. It’s making sure you give your partner and yourself enough love after you come home from a ten-hour working day. It’s taking care of what you eat and exercising often enough that you know your body is growing stronger and not older.

It’s just giving yourself enough time to actually live your life and not just be alive! it’s making healthy choices and then sticking to them.

So, know your priorities, give balanced attention, and make smart decisions.

And by that, my friend, you will have achieved what I call “the balanced being”.

Peace & Love,



What Happened Today?

What Happened Today?

Today I spoke to a crowd of over 150 people, on stage, with an actual microphone!

You know how crazy that is for me?!

If you told me to do this a year ago, I might pass out from hyperventilating just thinking about myself being on stage. I was someone who had “fear of public speaking”, or so I thought!

I kept repeating this to myself over and over again until it became a reality. A couple of years back I had to present in front of five people and looked like I ran a marathon by the time I was done. My voice was shivering, my hands were sweating and my heart was beating out of my chest. I mean I was seriously physically exhausted.


All because of an idea that I decided to believe about myself, a fear that I willingly decided to live by.

That is how important our self-image is; how we see ourselves, the way we value our capabilities, the limits we decide to live by and the fears we choose to give in to.

What do you see when you look at yourself in the mirror every morning? Do you see a warrior or a quitter? do you see a soul or a body? and how well do you think you know the person looking back at you?

Think about this for a minute, because this is your self-image, and your self-image dictates your life. It tells you what you can and can’t do, what you’re capable and incapable of achieving.

You have more power over ‘you’ than you think!

So, get rid of whatever useless story you’re repeating to yourself about all your limitations and start a new, fresh beginning of exploring all that you can actually be great at.

“Do the one thing you think you cannot do. Fail at it. Try again. Do better the second time. The only people who never tumble are those who never mount the high wire. This is your moment. Own it”

-Oprah Winfrey

Peace & Love,


It’s All About You!​

It’s All About You!​

What is this obsession I have with self-love?

I mean really! From everything that I have read and learned in the area of self-development, self-love has always grabbed my attention. For some weird reason!

I guess it even started before that, I think it started at a very young age when I used to look around me at my friends and hear all of the brutal judgments they have about themselves- I’m ugly! I’m fat! I don’t like my body! Some weird shit that keeps repeating itself.

What did I do back then? I did the exact same thing, picking on myself in small things that, now, don’t even matter!

Why did we do that? why does any girl do that? it’s because something deep down is telling us that we are not enough, we are not perfect and therefore we are not enough.

We started growing up and the pressure in the media to be perfect was even ten times worse! women started losing it, their self-esteem took a nose dive and we thought to ourselves: “when will we ever be enough?”

But then, something weird started happening, I started growing and my confidence started growing with me. My obsession with strong powerful women started to be more clear- Oprah was a role model! I used to have tears in my eyes looking at her go on national television, be herself and speak her truth.

I started realizing that a huge part of success and happiness is self-love, is knowing who you are and then be completely FINE with it. Love that person and embrace her, embrace her uniqueness and differences.

And then, I grew even older, and I started learning more about what self-love is:

Self-love can literally be any action small or big that you decide to take from a loving place, following that small sound within you that tells you this is right (for you!), go ahead, don’t be scared.

Self-love is the discipline to prove this love to yourself every day. How? Well that’s easy and the options are limitless, start from treating yourself to a hot cup of coffee,  get a copy of your favorite book, hug your lover, treat yourself to a massage, rise above a stupid argument, make new friends, start a yoga practice, meditate, the list can literally go on forever.

So, the question now is, are you willing to come with me on this journey of self-love? are you willing to be vulnerable? to speak up? and to live authentically?

Then, start today! write down your own self-love recipe and put it in a place where it is visible to you, a place where you will be reminded of it every single day and then go for it girl! have a fun with it and live by it.

“Only make decisions that support your self-image, self-esteem, and self-worth”

-Oprah Winfrey 

Peace & Love,


My Top Tips To Survive The First Five

My Top Tips To Survive The First Five

It all started when I was Twenty-one years old, on a mountaintop in Jordan, after a three-hour conversation on a bench under the sun. I thought to myself:” he is really something else!”

The chemistry was insane, our hearts met in a place that was only ours.

And then, seven months later we were engaged, and a year after we tied the knot. Oh wait, did I mention that it was all long distance, with the both of us living in separate in countries stealing three days a month to be with each other. Was that easy? HELL NO!

But we made it happen because that is what you do when you’re in love, you make things happen.

And now, five years later we are still making it happen.

Today is our anniversary and my gift to you on this day is my top tips on how to survive the first five.

1-      Don’t forget the important things

Keep reminding yourself of all the reasons why you fell in love in the first place. What you love about your partner and what was it that made your heart jump and your stomach tickle.

By doing this you will re-live those moments as if they’re happening right now, it will be as if you are meeting each other for the first time over and over. HOW COOL IS THAT!

2-      Look at each other through a love lens

Keep a fresh eye to notice the things that you simply adore in your partner. The way they helped an elderly woman on a staircase in Istanbul (true story by the way), the way they look for you as soon as they get home (again, true), and the way they smile when they first wake up in the morning (also true).

And then, tell them that. Just pick a random moment in your day, look them in the eye, and ask: “Do you know what I love about you?”

3-      Focus on the small things

People fall into the mistake of thinking that the moment we get married is the moment we stop putting effort. Because why put effort if we already have them, right?!

Well, actually it’s not. It’s the effort we put after we get married that counts. The small things we pay attention to, the romantic date nights, the wild trips, an unexpected gift, a walk on the beach together or cooking their favorite meal.

So, pick a day in each week and ask your partner: “what do you feel like doing tonight?” and then do that full heartedly.

4-      Have an open line of communication

This might be the most sacred time in our relationship, the time we discuss literally everything about our life. It’s not about our jobs or about our house, it about us. Where we are now in our life together and where do we want to go. Our future plans together, our passions and dreams. The vision we have for a perfect life and our retirement plan.

Communication is the superhero of relationships, it’s the main force that can heal anything and anyone.

So, keep that line of connection open at all times, and hey, there is no such thing as something that is not worth communicating.

 5-      Lift each other up

Listen to your partner’s dreams and passions, support them in following their bliss and never ever underestimate their ideas.

Be each other’s support system and always hold a space of love for your partner to go wild with their thoughts. Basically, be their high and never their low.

 6-      Be different, Be you

Marriage is not about dependency, marriage is about individuality. It’s about two happily independent souls coming together in something that is so holy.

To make a marriage work, be you, never compromise on that and never want your partner to compromise on the same. Bring your true selves to each other every day, be friends and lovers and create a beautiful life that is uniquely you.

These are my tips for you to not only survive the first five but to survive a lifetime of passion, affection, wildness, joy, and love.

“Where there is love there is life.”

– Mahatma Gandhi


Peace & Love,




7 Steps To Having A Stress Free Life

7 Steps To Having A Stress Free Life

This came to me during my morning meditation. I was there, sitting on the floor, breathing deeply, feeling the sun brushing against my skin, and my body expand with love and appreciation for the day.

By the end of my practice, like I always do, I was balancing my chakras, breathing in and out of the seven points of sensation in my body when this hit me. If balancing my chakras create peacefulness in my life, then it can definitely reduce stress.

Stress causes inflammation in the body and is highly associated with depression, heart disease among many other illnesses. It changes the chemical reactions in your body and can mentally lead you to a place where you would rather not be, believe me!

Therefore, let’s approach this from a holistic point of view and see how chakra balancing can heal you on the inside and out.

Below are my 7 steps to achieve happiness and leading a stress free life:

1- SPIRITUALITY – Let go of your need to be in control

Because you’re not! You are not in control of anything except ‘you’. You are not in control of your boss, of the weather, of your partner or your children. So, just take a chakra balancing chill pill and be okay with that.

2- AWARENESS – Believe in your inner wisdom

You are way smarter than you think you are. In fact, we all have this outrageous genius living within us called inner wisdom. Do you know that voice you hear when you’re about to do something stupid, telling you not to? Listen to it! connect to your intuition and believe that you were gifted with this magical compass that will always guide you to what works well for you.

3- COMMUNICATION – Be Authentic & use your voice to speak your truth

Who are you? are you a health junky? a spiritual weirdo? a crazy naturist? you need to know these things! knowing who you are, your values, what you stand for and what you believe in makes you the beautiful unique being that you are. We are all different, and that is awesome! embrace that difference be authentic and never shy away from using your voice, because your voice is your power.

4- LOVE & HEALING – Be open to give and receive love

You look around and you see a lot of lonely people, people waiting for love to come into their lives, like it’s some scarce resource. Well it’s not! Love is abundant, love is a never ending energy, love is who we are and who we will ever become. Love dictates our every action and every decision- we choose a certain career because we love it, we marry a certain person because we love them, we eat a certain fruit because we love it.  If you want to receive love, be open to give it, and give a lot of it! and after you do, be open to receive it happily and willingly.

5- POWER – Be humble because you are nothing, you are everything you want to be

Don’t take yourself too seriously because, believe me, no one else does! Life is too short to have our ego control our journey. Let that sucker go, and just be! Be who you are, take nothing personal, laugh out loud and most importantly, know that you have the full freedom to choose who you want to become and how you want to become it.

6- CREATIVITY – Stay in a state of creation (Let your creative energy flow)

We are creators, that’s just who we are. If that wasn’t true, you wouldn’t have seen all of these inventions and technologies come to live every single day, it’s like we can’t stop! So, hop on the creation train and let that creative energy flow. Choose your creation recipe and go for it, paint, write, cook, speak, or dance. Creation is learning and learning is the essence of life.

7- TRSUST – Stay connected to a higher power

We all have a belief system going on! Regardless of what it is for you, just stay connected to it and have faith that it will always have your back. We are only required to have good intentions, dream big, put the right amount of effort and then let it be.

This is my own recipe for a healthy, happy, stress free life. Try it out because why not!

Peace & Love,



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What Was Osho’s Crazy Dream?

What Was Osho’s Crazy Dream?

Osho’s vision was to establish an entire city of conscious people. That by itself is a revelation!

To have such a great vision is by itself a very admirable quality. It shows that a man’s limit is his or her dreams.

Let’s dream big, let’s all dream of a better world to live in and of an awakened humanity where self-responsibility is one of its main virtues.

One awakened individual at a time will result in a more conscious race, one that understands the value of life and the meaning of living.

We are all unique but we are all one.

Peace & Love,


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