What I Told Myself The Other Day On The Beach

What I Told Myself The Other Day On The Beach

When in doubt always go to the beach!

That’s what I told myself the moment I stepped on the cold sand. My feet burried under the soft texture of the beach, my eyes gazing into the distance. Where am I and who am I? I asked myself.

Silence was all I could hear.

Is it silence or is it my soul just being there in the moment telling me to stop trying to make sense out of this life and just live it.

You are you, that is what the silence was telling me. And you are more than enough.

Don’t seek the mirage of the bright future and stop gazing back at all that has already been. Right now, right here on this beach is all that matters. I lift my head up, I look around me and all I see is beauty! Where has this been hiding? or was it never hiding but just waiting for the right moment to be seen.

Who am I? I ask.

“I am me, I am the sea, I am this beach and I am life itself.”

There is no you too seek, there is only you to be… so let’s start being.

Peace & Love,


Attention: Reading This Is Like Seeing Into My Soul

Attention: Reading This Is Like Seeing Into My Soul

The vessel from which everything emerges…

The empty space that leads to creation, the nothingness that leads to things and the meaningless existence that gives life to meaning.

Oh, what is this vessel? how magical is this creation?! this space from which all life comes to life.

But, what is it that the eye cannot see? please let me tell you that it’s only space… a quiet dark space of eternal peace, of fulfillment, of orgasmic power that bleeds into existence.

The power of the vessel is ‘choice’, the ability to make informed decisions.

But again, what is information, it’s a figment of the imagination, it’s fairy dust in thin air. Information is lethal and yet it’s the ultimate savior.

The vessel is where all information reside, it’s where the limited becomes unlimited and where life has no shape.

The vessel is a blessing and a curse. The vessel is us, it’s me and it’s you. The vessel is no one but everyone.

The vessel is where you are beyond the limitation of time and space. It’s those moments where you transcend yourself, you transcend life and you transcend thinking.

It’s when you’re free from thinking… when for a split of a second you experience liberation, the liberation of the soul from the mind.

The vessel is why we’re here, and why we’re fearless. But hey, don’t even think of looking for it because it’s nowhere. It’s already there. YOU ARE IT, you are the vessel and through the vessel you shall live.

This was created in a moment of pure clarity.

Peace & Love,


What Happened Today?

What Happened Today?

Today I spoke to a crowd of over 150 people, on stage, with an actual microphone!

You know how crazy that is for me?!

If you told me to do this a year ago, I might pass out from hyperventilating just thinking about myself being on stage. I was someone who had “fear of public speaking”, or so I thought!

I kept repeating this to myself over and over again until it became a reality. A couple of years back I had to present in front of five people and looked like I ran a marathon by the time I was done. My voice was shivering, my hands were sweating and my heart was beating out of my chest. I mean I was seriously physically exhausted.


All because of an idea that I decided to believe about myself, a fear that I willingly decided to live by.

That is how important our self-image is; how we see ourselves, the way we value our capabilities, the limits we decide to live by and the fears we choose to give in to.

What do you see when you look at yourself in the mirror every morning? Do you see a warrior or a quitter? do you see a soul or a body? and how well do you think you know the person looking back at you?

Think about this for a minute, because this is your self-image, and your self-image dictates your life. It tells you what you can and can’t do, what you’re capable and incapable of achieving.

You have more power over ‘you’ than you think!

So, get rid of whatever useless story you’re repeating to yourself about all your limitations and start a new, fresh beginning of exploring all that you can actually be great at.

“Do the one thing you think you cannot do. Fail at it. Try again. Do better the second time. The only people who never tumble are those who never mount the high wire. This is your moment. Own it”

-Oprah Winfrey

Peace & Love,


7 Steps To Having A Stress Free Life

7 Steps To Having A Stress Free Life

This came to me during my morning meditation. I was there, sitting on the floor, breathing deeply, feeling the sun brushing against my skin, and my body expand with love and appreciation for the day.

By the end of my practice, like I always do, I was balancing my chakras, breathing in and out of the seven points of sensation in my body when this hit me. If balancing my chakras create peacefulness in my life, then it can definitely reduce stress.

Stress causes inflammation in the body and is highly associated with depression, heart disease among many other illnesses. It changes the chemical reactions in your body and can mentally lead you to a place where you would rather not be, believe me!

Therefore, let’s approach this from a holistic point of view and see how chakra balancing can heal you on the inside and out.

Below are my 7 steps to achieve happiness and leading a stress free life:

1- SPIRITUALITY – Let go of your need to be in control

Because you’re not! You are not in control of anything except ‘you’. You are not in control of your boss, of the weather, of your partner or your children. So, just take a chakra balancing chill pill and be okay with that.

2- AWARENESS – Believe in your inner wisdom

You are way smarter than you think you are. In fact, we all have this outrageous genius living within us called inner wisdom. Do you know that voice you hear when you’re about to do something stupid, telling you not to? Listen to it! connect to your intuition and believe that you were gifted with this magical compass that will always guide you to what works well for you.

3- COMMUNICATION – Be Authentic & use your voice to speak your truth

Who are you? are you a health junky? a spiritual weirdo? a crazy naturist? you need to know these things! knowing who you are, your values, what you stand for and what you believe in makes you the beautiful unique being that you are. We are all different, and that is awesome! embrace that difference be authentic and never shy away from using your voice, because your voice is your power.

4- LOVE & HEALING – Be open to give and receive love

You look around and you see a lot of lonely people, people waiting for love to come into their lives, like it’s some scarce resource. Well it’s not! Love is abundant, love is a never ending energy, love is who we are and who we will ever become. Love dictates our every action and every decision- we choose a certain career because we love it, we marry a certain person because we love them, we eat a certain fruit because we love it.  If you want to receive love, be open to give it, and give a lot of it! and after you do, be open to receive it happily and willingly.

5- POWER – Be humble because you are nothing, you are everything you want to be

Don’t take yourself too seriously because, believe me, no one else does! Life is too short to have our ego control our journey. Let that sucker go, and just be! Be who you are, take nothing personal, laugh out loud and most importantly, know that you have the full freedom to choose who you want to become and how you want to become it.

6- CREATIVITY – Stay in a state of creation (Let your creative energy flow)

We are creators, that’s just who we are. If that wasn’t true, you wouldn’t have seen all of these inventions and technologies come to live every single day, it’s like we can’t stop! So, hop on the creation train and let that creative energy flow. Choose your creation recipe and go for it, paint, write, cook, speak, or dance. Creation is learning and learning is the essence of life.

7- TRSUST – Stay connected to a higher power

We all have a belief system going on! Regardless of what it is for you, just stay connected to it and have faith that it will always have your back. We are only required to have good intentions, dream big, put the right amount of effort and then let it be.

This is my own recipe for a healthy, happy, stress free life. Try it out because why not!

Peace & Love,



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For Those Who Are Awlays Busy

For Those Who Are Awlays Busy

Don’t forget to take a moment in any day to breathe – conscious breathing is a powerful tool to disconnect from the outside world and reconnect to your inner world, to your soul, to your inner being.

Taking a moment to breathe helps shift focus to what really matters, and helps put things on the inside in order.

We often forget to stop and take a minute to just be, we give our power to what we don’t have control over, to our outer world and then we wait for it to bring us happiness.

Taking some time to breathe helps regain control over what you can actually control and that is you, who are now and who you want to become to experience serenity and bliss.

So breathe, and release anything that doesn’t serve you.

Peace & Love,


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What Was Osho’s Crazy Dream?

What Was Osho’s Crazy Dream?

Osho’s vision was to establish an entire city of conscious people. That by itself is a revelation!

To have such a great vision is by itself a very admirable quality. It shows that a man’s limit is his or her dreams.

Let’s dream big, let’s all dream of a better world to live in and of an awakened humanity where self-responsibility is one of its main virtues.

One awakened individual at a time will result in a more conscious race, one that understands the value of life and the meaning of living.

We are all unique but we are all one.

Peace & Love,


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For Those Who Are Wondering If They Will Ever Find Their Life Purpose


I used to say I don’t know what I want to do, don’t know what my passion is or even if I have one!

Well, let me tell you we all have one. We are all born with a calling, something that is uniquely us, that speaks to our soul and that tickles our inner genius.

Mine is self-empowerment through mind and body health, helping people build a happier, healthier life.

You can also find yours. Just stop, breathe, and listen. Listen to your heart, what makes it skip a beat, what makes your eyes widen, and what makes your attention antenna switch on.

And then follow that voice, follow your bliss. Take it one step at a time, be open and be ready to change your life, because when you find your passion, believe me, your life will change.

 “The two most important days in your life is the day you were born and the day you find out why.”

-Mark Twain

Peace & Love,