What I Told Myself The Other Day On The Beach

When in doubt always go to the beach!

That’s what I told myself the moment I stepped on the cold sand. My feet burried under the soft texture of the beach, my eyes gazing into the distance. Where am I and who am I? I asked myself.

Silence was all I could hear.

Is it silence or is it my soul just being there in the moment telling me to stop trying to make sense out of this life and just live it.

You are you, that is what the silence was telling me. And you are more than enough.

Don’t seek the mirage of the bright future and stop gazing back at all that has already been. Right now, right here on this beach is all that matters. I lift my head up, I look around me and all I see is beauty! Where has this been hiding? or was it never hiding but just waiting for the right moment to be seen.

Who am I? I ask.

“I am me, I am the sea, I am this beach and I am life itself.”

There is no you too seek, there is only you to be… so let’s start being.

Peace & Love,


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