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What is this obsession I have with self-love?

I mean really! From everything that I have read and learned in the area of self-development, self-love has always grabbed my attention. For some weird reason!

I guess it even started before that, I think it started at a very young age when I used to look around me at my friends and hear all of the brutal judgments they have about themselves- I’m ugly! I’m fat! I don’t like my body! Some weird shit that keeps repeating itself.

What did I do back then? I did the exact same thing, picking on myself in small things that, now, don’t even matter!

Why did we do that? why does any girl do that? it’s because something deep down is telling us that we are not enough, we are not perfect and therefore we are not enough.

We started growing up and the pressure in the media to be perfect was even ten times worse! women started losing it, their self-esteem took a nose dive and we thought to ourselves: “when will we ever be enough?”

But then, something weird started happening, I started growing and my confidence started growing with me. My obsession with strong powerful women started to be more clear- Oprah was a role model! I used to have tears in my eyes looking at her go on national television, be herself and speak her truth.

I started realizing that a huge part of success and happiness is self-love, is knowing who you are and then be completely FINE with it. Love that person and embrace her, embrace her uniqueness and differences.

And then, I grew even older, and I started learning more about what self-love is:

Self-love can literally be any action small or big that you decide to take from a loving place, following that small sound within you that tells you this is right (for you!), go ahead, don’t be scared.

Self-love is the discipline to prove this love to yourself every day. How? Well that’s easy and the options are limitless, start from treating yourself to a hot cup of coffee,  get a copy of your favorite book, hug your lover, treat yourself to a massage, rise above a stupid argument, make new friends, start a yoga practice, meditate, the list can literally go on forever.

So, the question now is, are you willing to come with me on this journey of self-love? are you willing to be vulnerable? to speak up? and to live authentically?

Then, start today! write down your own self-love recipe and put it in a place where it is visible to you, a place where you will be reminded of it every single day and then go for it girl! have a fun with it and live by it.

“Only make decisions that support your self-image, self-esteem, and self-worth”

-Oprah Winfrey 

Peace & Love,


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