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This came to me during my morning meditation. I was there, sitting on the floor, breathing deeply, feeling the sun brushing against my skin, and my body expand with love and appreciation for the day.

By the end of my practice, like I always do, I was balancing my chakras, breathing in and out of the seven points of sensation in my body when this hit me. If balancing my chakras create peacefulness in my life, then it can definitely reduce stress.

Stress causes inflammation in the body and is highly associated with depression, heart disease among many other illnesses. It changes the chemical reactions in your body and can mentally lead you to a place where you would rather not be, believe me!

Therefore, let’s approach this from a holistic point of view and see how chakra balancing can heal you on the inside and out.

Below are my 7 steps to achieve happiness and leading a stress free life:

1- SPIRITUALITY – Let go of your need to be in control

Because you’re not! You are not in control of anything except ‘you’. You are not in control of your boss, of the weather, of your partner or your children. So, just take a chakra balancing chill pill and be okay with that.

2- AWARENESS – Believe in your inner wisdom

You are way smarter than you think you are. In fact, we all have this outrageous genius living within us called inner wisdom. Do you know that voice you hear when you’re about to do something stupid, telling you not to? Listen to it! connect to your intuition and believe that you were gifted with this magical compass that will always guide you to what works well for you.

3- COMMUNICATION – Be Authentic & use your voice to speak your truth

Who are you? are you a health junky? a spiritual weirdo? a crazy naturist? you need to know these things! knowing who you are, your values, what you stand for and what you believe in makes you the beautiful unique being that you are. We are all different, and that is awesome! embrace that difference be authentic and never shy away from using your voice, because your voice is your power.

4- LOVE & HEALING – Be open to give and receive love

You look around and you see a lot of lonely people, people waiting for love to come into their lives, like it’s some scarce resource. Well it’s not! Love is abundant, love is a never ending energy, love is who we are and who we will ever become. Love dictates our every action and every decision- we choose a certain career because we love it, we marry a certain person because we love them, we eat a certain fruit because we love it.  If you want to receive love, be open to give it, and give a lot of it! and after you do, be open to receive it happily and willingly.

5- POWER – Be humble because you are nothing, you are everything you want to be

Don’t take yourself too seriously because, believe me, no one else does! Life is too short to have our ego control our journey. Let that sucker go, and just be! Be who you are, take nothing personal, laugh out loud and most importantly, know that you have the full freedom to choose who you want to become and how you want to become it.

6- CREATIVITY – Stay in a state of creation (Let your creative energy flow)

We are creators, that’s just who we are. If that wasn’t true, you wouldn’t have seen all of these inventions and technologies come to live every single day, it’s like we can’t stop! So, hop on the creation train and let that creative energy flow. Choose your creation recipe and go for it, paint, write, cook, speak, or dance. Creation is learning and learning is the essence of life.

7- TRSUST – Stay connected to a higher power

We all have a belief system going on! Regardless of what it is for you, just stay connected to it and have faith that it will always have your back. We are only required to have good intentions, dream big, put the right amount of effort and then let it be.

This is my own recipe for a healthy, happy, stress free life. Try it out because why not!

Peace & Love,



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2 comments on “7 Steps To Having A Stress Free Life

  1. Sadah says:

    This is wonderful.


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