My 5 Guidelines To Regaining Control Over Your Life

It’s week three and I just completed Module (3) in my IIN journey to becoming a Health Coach.

Whenever I’m studying or reading about health, I can’t stop thinking to myself that we are always changing! We are always making choices that lead to alerting and shifting our course of life.

Our life is the choices we make and the habits we decide to start practicing.

If I look at my life five years ago, or even three years ago, I wouldn’t recognize a lot of things about my self. I used to suffer from a huge condition of ‘helplessness’! that’s what I like to call it. A stage in my life where I believed that I am helpless and that I have zero control over my life situations. I played all the games you can imagine, the blame game, the complain game and the victim game.

I took very little responsibility for changing my life in the way I wanted it to be changed.

but, behind all of this, I always knew I was strong. I always believed that I had more in me. more commitment, more resilience, and definitely more power.

It took a lot of self-work to get where I am now. And here are my main steps to regaining control over your life:

1- Work on your self-image:

How you see yourself is the first step to changing yourself. The fact that I saw myself as a strong, confident, and empowered individual made me want to change the state of helplessness I was in. I had deep faith that this should be altered and that most importantly it can!

2- Grow emotional independence:

Through your journey of self-growth, you have to build a state of emotional independence. You are where you are, this is your journey and your opinion about it is what matters the most. What feels good to you, is what’s good for you. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

3- Be willing to die:

Your ego has been controlling your life for the past god knows how many years! During your journey to re-discover yourself, you will have to come to the understanding that you are not who you thought or still think you are. I always recite during my meditations ‘I am nothing and I am everything’. Let go of all labels you put on yourself and start fresh. go back to being a student and keep an open heart to learn and discover new things about yourself- what you like or dislike, personality traits you would like to grow, new habits you want to add to your life. Be open and start fresh!

4- Have the courage to let go:

During this journey, you will let go of a lot of beliefs. Beliefs you took on externally or internally. Externally from society, traditions, family or religion. And internally through the inner conversations, you repeat to yourself over and over again. Be willing to let go of those beliefs, build new ones and give yourself the freedom to regain some of them back, only and only if you decide that they serve you well.

5- Take it as a mission:

You are the most important project you will ever work on. Invest in yourself and let your journey of self-growth be a commitment and a continuous promise that you make to yourself.

I am now still a student and a beginner, I am looking forward to what life will bring next, to what I will learn next and to what and how I will change next. I promise myself to never stop working on myself and to always be true to my heart desires.

“Happiness is not something ready-made. It comes from your actions”

– Dalai Lama

Peace & Love,


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