Why I Decided To Study With The ‘IIN’?

IIN- is the Institution for Integrative Nutrition. And this is the story of how this course came into my life…

I was having a normal day, giving myself my regular weekly ‘me time’ at the salon, when my friend introduced me to her friend. An amazingly interesting girl who, funny enough, was also obsessed with self-development, and healthy living, you know the whole shebang. Just like my good self!

So, long story short, we go into this deep conversation, the kind you lose time in. exchanging ideas about health and our misconception of what health and self-discovery are all about. When she mentions the ‘IIN’.

I ask intriguingly, being the curious me that I always am; what is IIN? and what do they teach? She goes on and on and on about how life-changing it is, and how it makes you break out of the norm and look at your whole life in a completely fresh holistic way. and how it makes you question some of the major beliefs you have about what life is all about, and how our health is affected by everything we choose to do or eat in our life.

Now, just for your information, during that whole week, I was repeatedly asking my self what should the next step in my learning process be. and for this to come right ‘to me’ was kind of freaky. 

So, I become obsessed with the idea of the ‘IIN’. I start doing my research until I decide to take a leap of faith and start this one year program and begin a journey to become certified health coach myself.

It’s still week two! but what I can say, is that I cannot be more thankful for meeting, who I call my friend now, on that day in front of the nail station in the salon. Because these two weeks have been nothing less than amazing. I am starting to learn a lot about my own health, and where I stand currently in my own life.

All I want to say here is that I asked the universe a question, and it answered! I have faith in what the universe brings my way and I am always on the lookout for something new. A new adventure that can add to my life and help me move closer to my dream of building a career for myself in the wellness industry.

So, I would like to ask you to have faith in your dreams and faith in your goals. I want you to ask the universe for what you want with a pure intention and have faith that what you ask for will find you. the universe has a lovely way of surprising us with the best gifts, but that is only if we have an open heart to receive. 

And now, here I am on this journey back to being a student learning like I have never learned before. And, that is only because I asked!

“However, what I have come to understand from my life’s journey is that I am always in the right place at the right time. In fact, there is no other place I could possibly be.”
– Stephen Richard

Peace & Love,


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