#HerVoice #HerPower

She spoke, so she was heard.

She decided to rise up and start her own march. Her march towards her freedom, towards her own salvation.

She made all the wrong choices until she made the right one. The one that ultimately changed her life!

But again, what is wrong? And what is right? I cant answer that and I bet you can’t either.

All that she knows is that she is her own right embracing all the wrong within.

Spreading love like soft butter on a piece of bread. Smooth and warm, soft and tender.

She is her own lover and her biggest hero. She is the strongest even in her own weakness.

She rises above all chatter muttering in her head. She moves through seas of fear, not to win the battle, but to make a friend.

I mean what is fear if it’s not the torch that lights the fire? The fire within her, with flames soaring up high lighting the darkness of her own night.

The dawn will come and it will be bright, for she alone can accept the light. The light of genius glittering in her sky.

She is powerful if only she knew. Knew her truth, hidden under all the lies. The lies of thoughts woven in strings of reason.

But what reason is this? If it holds the ship by the harbor if it denies the ship the freedom to sail!

Oh darling, cut these strings and set your ship off to a new adventure. An adventure of discovery, and adventure of facing the monsters hidden deep in the sea.

Only and only to reach the one destination ever desired… The land of no limits, the land of possibilities where your wings grow bigger and where you soar higher than you ever thought possible.

Your life is your journey, and your journey is your story. Speak of this story for your voice is your power and your power is your freedom.

“One is not born a woman, One becomes one”

– Simone De Beauvoir

Peace & Love,


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