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Why are we in a constant state of desire? Have you ever asked yourself this question?

Why do we always feel like we need something, or we want something? Why does the world look like the donut hole but not the donut? Always missing a piece!

What is it that we can do to fill in that donut hole?

Let me tell you something and it might be a bit shocking. There is no donut hole, there is only a donut!

This is how a donut is supposed to look. It is just perfect the way it is!

That is how life is exactly, each and every one of us is living his perfect life now at this specific moment. There are no missing pieces there is uniqueness, there is beauty and there is inspiration. We all walk our own paths, some of us run and reach the finish line before the others, while others choose to walk and enjoy the weather reaching the finish line a couple of hours later.

Who is right? And who is better than the other? No one! There are only choices that were made on how I or you would like to walk that path.

Coming to peace with that is when we start nurturing appreciation and gratitude for ourselves, for the efforts we are putting and for the choices we are making. It’s when we start growing towards the sunlight, when we start operating out of love, and when we start living our own truth.

The truth to be only ourselves and walk a path that is only ours. Live & enjoy the donut!

“when you dance to your own rhythm, life taps its tows to your beat”

– Terri Guillemets

Peace & Love,


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