The Five Love Languages – By Gary Shapman


Love! One of my favorite words in the dictionary. Why? because it is the base of all human interactions and all human relationships. What is life without love? what is a relationship without love? what is a deed without love? what is purpose or passion without love? what is anything actually without love?

Gary Chapman, the author who lives in South Carolina has always been interested in the history of humans, hence he was an anthropology graduate and a doctor in philosophy.

In this book, Chapman summarizes the 5 languages of love, what makes our spouse feel loved and how all of that can alter the path of any marriage or relationship. It is an eye-opener to things we usually do, nonchalantly,  without grasping the magnitude it has on building a healthy, loving relationship.  Such as cooking dinner, asking about our partner’s day or even doing laundry.

In the vast world of relationships, The 5 Love Languages is a strong contender that should not be taken lightly. It’s the manual that lays out the steps to operate any machine safely, maintaining its performance for the longest time possible.

Reading through this book made me look at my own relationship differently, made me feel the utmost gratitude to be able to both understand and speak my husband’s love language. It also shed a light on a different angle that is wider than any specific relationship, and more related to human interactions as a whole. We all speak different love languages. Acknowledging this key piece of information will help anyone build, rebuild and sustain a healthy, loving relationship which brings joy to all the people involved.

A simple yet direct book that does not need lots of time to read, or lots of analysis to be done. The ideas included in the book are the, in your face, kind of ideas. However, they might require some contemplating and implementation effort from your side in order to examine their power to change the course of any relationship.

Peace & Love,



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