Why Do We Always Need to Know Everything?

Why do we need to know what sport we like, or who is our favorite singer, or what our favorite color is? Why do we need to know what we want to study in college when we are still 12 years old? or where we want to work when we graduate when we still didn’t? Why do we need to know how many kids we want to have or whether we want kids or not even when we’re married yet? Why do we need to know what our kids’ names would be and what musical instrument we want to make them play? Why do we need to know all of that?

We spend our lives going from one known to another. But wait second, where does that leave curiosity, our curiosity to explore ourselves and discover what we like, test our capabilities and push our boundaries? How would we come across new experiences if we don’t have the curiosity to try? If we just want to stick to what we know!

Where does that leave our excitement to figure out what will happen next week, next month or next year without needing to put standards and expectations to satisfy what we would like to know now? Where does that leave our openness to accept life as it is and to surrender to the flow we were chosen for.

Stepping into the unknown is scary but exciting, it’s the way we can break through the chain of the known into the limitless possibilities of life. It’s how we can diminish the ego and start living in the moment without any attachment to any idea of “who I think I am” and simply start living to know who “I want to become”.

What you think you know today is a complete illusion fabricated by your own mind. We don’t know simply because we can’t. What will happen to us will happen, what we can control is how we experience this journey we are on. Life is happening around us and not to us, it is not personal, and it will never be. Life is just there for us to make the best out of it, it’s the concert waiting for us to join and enjoy the music.

Stepping into the unknown takes courage to simply admit that you already don’t know and that all the labels and baggage of “who you are”, and how your life “should be” are just weighing you down from running to a life where you can actually start blooming into the most beautiful and genuine version of you.

Stepping into the unknown is growing a new level of consciousness that allows you to see life through a different lens, the lens of curiosity, joy, and freedom.

Know that you don’t know and surrender to the journey of life.

“Faith is stepping out into the unknown with nothing to guide us but a hand just beyond our grasp.”

– Frederick Buechner

Peace & Love,


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