Three Secrets To Control Negative Thoughts

Before we jump into the three secrets, let me start by explaining what negative thoughts are…

Negative thoughts are clouds that creep in slowly to change the weather without anyone noticing. They have the power of argument; they can convince you with anything- you are weak, you are not ready, you are not enough, and the list goes on and on!

They act like politicians looking all preppy and nice telling you that they are here for your own good when all they want to do is strip you down from your peace of mind. They are greedy and want to feed their own ego and survive as the dominant power in your mind.

Negative thoughts make you obsess about them. I’m telling you they are addictive and you know it! They grow themselves by feeding on other negative thoughts and then others until all you can see is complete justified darkness.

Sorry guys, I know the beginning of this article is a bit depressing but bear with me here and read closely…

The mind is like the ocean it has its own waves- some of them are high crashing waves which are negative thoughts while others are calm low waves which are your positive thoughts. Therefore, whatever you do, you can never stop the waves in the ocean; however, you can sit patiently and have complete faith that the high waves will calm down and then, all you are left with are the beautiful low waves.

Enough talk for now, I’m sure you want to know how to control your negative thoughts and stop the hostile takeover they have on your life.

Let’s Start with #1 Don’t fight them or try to change them

I know it sounds weird but believe me it works. Because by doing that you give less and less importance to your negative thoughts and release the stress of having to have the solution or the power to change them. To be very honest with you, no one has that power! what you have is the strength to steer your attention away from negative thoughts and let them dissolve into the nothingness they already are, just thoughts.

# 2 Don’t obsess about them

What we usually do whenever we have negative thoughts or negative situations based on negative thoughts we keep thinking about them over and over and over. And then to add on top of that we start complaining about it to everyone. STOP! Yes, right here and now; because how will you get rid of something if you are repeating it to yourself over and over again.

So, if you are having a bad thought feel the feeling behind it, maybe share with one person and one person only then let go and move on with your day.

# 3 Accept it

There is a saying that I love and it goes like this:

“God give me strength to accept the things I can’t change, the power to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference”

As I explained before, humans cannot control their thoughts, we have more than 50,000 thoughts a day. So, the secret is in accepting them, they are how you feel in this moment, but always remember it doesn’t mean this is how you will feel every moment.

Thoughts are forever changing, focus on the feeling of the thought, if it’s not a good one, don’t try to control it, don’t give it attention and just accept.

Accept the thought and give yourself space for a new one to come in.

Peace & Love,


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