Four Things To Do If You Hate Your Job

We always grow up listening to everyone around us say how much work is boring. We start thinking this is the norm and therefore when we graduate and start working, we ourselves get bored. And the sad thing is that we think it’s normal! you might even complain to one of your friends or family and they’ll tell you: “this is life, its normal!”

Well, guess what? no, it’s not normal. if you’re bored then that means you are not in the right place, and it’s definitely not life because life should not be about you being bored for eight or nine hours every day.

Let me give you a few tips on how to make life better if you have a job that you hate or maybe just dislike:

1)Make your office or your desk “you”

Which means add plants if you’re someone who loves greenery, add photos of your loved ones, a quote by your favorite author, a screensaver on your laptop from your best vacation, just do whatever it takes to make your office space your own.

2) Practice your values in the workplace

If you’re someone who loves freedom, walk around, carry your laptop and work from different locations within the building. If you’re someone who loves mindfulness, take mini breaks and do your breathing exercise, focus on being present on every task you do or every conversation you have. Just make your workplace an arena for you to practice your deepest values every day.

3) Know that there is life after 5:00 PM

instead of being stuck in a rut, try investing your time after work in something you are passionate about, go exercise, write, take that cooking class or work on opening that restaurant you have always dreamt of having. Whatever it is, know that having a job doesn’t mean you don’t get to have a life.

4) Don’t work for your job, let your job work for you

Ask yourself, how does your job serve you now? Is it the salary you’re making, or the connections you’re building, or the exposure you are getting? Whatever it is, make it work for you, let it be part of building your future plan and a reason for you to wake up and go there fully focused every day.

What I’m trying to say here is simply accept and enjoy life as it is, while moving forward towards building the life you have always wanted. Happiness is not something we will feel once we achieve or have or do anything, happiness is a choice, it’s the decision to accept the now, make the best out of it and just be happy being in it.

 “Life doesn’t happen to you, it happens FROM you.”
― Gregg Koroll

Peace & Love,


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