The Wheels in My Mind Go Round & Round

If you repeat something long enough, you’ll end up being really good at it. And that, my friends, is called practice. Now, what you decide to practice is completely and entirely up to you.

It starts with us at a very young age, we are born in a certain family, who are in a certain social class, living in a certain country, following a certain tradition or religion. By default, we soak up on all of this like a sponge. We start repeating the same cycle, believing in the same ideologies, following the same beliefs.

We then enter the teenage years, where we want to rebel against everything and anyone. Denying all that we’ve learned and labeling it as wrong or forcefully imposed. We are then lost, because what we thought we knew turned out to be questionable. We start questioning our identity, wondering who is truly us and what is simply handed down to us by the circumstances we lived in?

We miss the fact that the moment we start questioning our identity, is the exact same moment we start to discover our true selves. It’s the moment where all the clouds of hand-me-down information start to unfold, giving space to the sun of the inner self to shine through.

Sadly, the trap we all fall into is the comfort of repetition, of hiding under the cover of what is familiar to escape the chili breeze of trying something new. So, we go back repeating the same cycle of thoughts, following the same traditions and giving importance to the same superficial experiences. And then ask ourselves why we’re still not happy, and start blaming everything and anyone except the repetition monster.

We forget that we also hold the leash that steers this monster, and that is called decision. The decision to break free and answer the question of who we are, and then start to actually follow the path of discovery to find our true interests and genuine beliefs. With this new path, comes a different kind of repetition, a new practice of conscious thought, away from the principles of right or wrong, and subject only to the principles of progress, growth, and fulfillment.

Choose what you want to repeat and let that be your new practice.

“You leave old habits behind by starting out with the thought -I release the need for this in my life-”

  Wayne Dyer

Peace & Love,


3 thoughts on “The Wheels in My Mind Go Round & Round

  1. Great Read as usual Sara, loved the way you put the words together to complete the story…you simply made my life pass in front of my eyes by the time i finished the article (what is wrong, right according to my family & society but not always to me).
    Thank you 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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