The Drug All Humans Are Becoming Addicted To

I love these small simple moments when I let go of “what should be” and just embrace the “what is”. I love the now because that is when things are the most perfect, it’s when I feel the most connected to my soul, to my- self. The now is where I start to build the future that I want, the now is my chance to be me, the full version of me without an inch of compromise.

I love simple things because life in its original form is simple, the universe is simple, and all of the rules of living are simple.

I’m going to say something, and it might sound a bit crazy, but human beings are also simple; our basic needs are simple. We need love, we need connection, we need understanding, and we need support. That is why humans used to always live in tribes, because that is where their most basic needs were fulfilled. They focused on their now and lived life one moment at a time, they provided each other with everything they needed, and lived as one soul seeking one salvation.

But the now we live in changed, people strayed from their basic needs to follow the illusion of desire. The desire to achieve more, do more, have a bigger house, more cars, more money, travel to more countries. More is our mantra now, and it’s what we get high on.

The illusion of desire dismantles the power of inner fulfillment, of being proud and content of what and who we are now.

A bright future is always sought after, I can’t deny that. However, running after this future without taking a moment to slow down and appreciate the present moment defies the purpose of being alive.

Living is actually being there in each moment you live, paying attention to each conversation you have, listening to that joke, and laughing at the top of your lungs. Living is having ambition but remembering the joy of the simple things in life- a kiss from a loved one or a moment of meditation on your yoga matt.

Life is simply living and living is now.

-The only time we suffer is when we believe a thought that argues with what is. When the mind is perfectly clear. “what is” is “what we want” –

Bryan Katie


Peace & Love,


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