The Ego Died and We Lived Happily Ever After


“It’s a person’s sense of self-esteem or self-importance.”

But what is a sense of something? How do we measure it? And most importantly, how do we know it’s real?

Can’t our sense of something be simply a fabrication of our own mind?

Let’s imagine something together- someone yells at me and it hurts my ego. Why was my ego hurt? And what happened in the process of yelling that made me feel hurt?

I’ll tell you what happened, the situation triggered a thought or a belief I had about myself: “I am someone who no one can yell at”. So, when the yelling took place, an instant thought came up telling me that I am being attacked, my defenses go up, I lash back, I take it personally, I hate the person, and it all goes downhill from there.

I might even obsess about it and start questioning the strength of my personality and how I come across to people to allow such a situation to happen. And the journey of self-blame begins. Again, it all goes downhill from there.

What we are forgetting is that our ego is just a thought! It is a false measure of standards we create for ourselves, we name it “I” and then spend the rest of our lives defending it and living by it.

We also forget that even the other person has a false ego that was “rubbed the wrong way” in order for them to behave the way they do.

We forget that it is not personal and that it never was. We forget that behind all of this drama is just peace and quiet.

The peace that comes from the understanding that we are not our ego, we are not who we think we are, and we are not the “Is” we attach to ourselves.

We are human beings.

Being is such an important word here; because this is what we were created to do, to just be.

Being is living and not just being alive. Being is the complete awareness that we are all one, that the universe is all one. Being is knowing that no one can make me feel anything unless I choose to feel it.

Being is complete faith in ourselves now, in the perfect form we are in this present moment. Being is the ability to see the beauty even in the ugliest situations. Being is the ability to rise above all that is beneath us.

Being is who you truly are and that is what matters.

“When the ego dies, the soul awakes.”

– Mahatma Gandhi

Peace & Love,


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