Attention: Stop These Three Nasty Habits NOW

1: Self Doubt

I call this the silent killer; however, the deadliest. It creeps in under your skin in moments of unconsciousness, and moments of low self-awareness. It is that voice that keeps you at the edge of life, holding you back from jumping in and start living. It’s that sound that tells you not to put yourself out there because you might get rejected, and not follow your dreams because you don’t have enough certainty.

It is the main reason keeping you from living your full potential, from seeing the beauty and the power that lies right there within you.

However, it is only a habit. And any habit can be changed. The antidote for Self- Doubt is Self- belief, its faith that you are enough the way you are. Faith that you can achieve whatever you set your mind to, and faith that everything will be okay even if you don’t.

2: Self Obsession

This is when you willingly surrender your power to thought. When you close your eyes to life and choose to see it only through the darkest of clouds. This is the moment when a single thought about a single situation becomes who you are and dictates how you live your life. It’s when you can’t shake off the frustration you felt after your car got stolen, or the sadness you felt after losing your favorite earring.

It’s when you decide to give your mind the full power to steer your path and go on living on autopilot because you can’t get over your damn boss or the crazy taxi driver that cut you off on the road.

Stop this right now! How? Simply by not taking things personally. Remember, that crazy taxi driver is not out there to get you, and your earrings didn’t get lost as God’s plan to make you miserable. Things just happen, and as one situation takes place another will pop out later, and then another and another- because this is life, it’s happening all the time (not happening to you! Just happening).

3: Self Oppression

Why be me when I might be not good enough? This is the trap we all fall into, we start putting on several masks in order to fit in, to be accepted, to belong. We oppress our need to freedom, freedom to dye our hair blue if we want to, freedom to sing at the top of our lungs when in a party, or to dance like a geek in our cousin’s wedding.

Self- oppression is the main reason for mainstream people leading mainstream lives. For the lack of creativity and uniqueness, for the death of individuality and the absence of pure joy.

The joy of Self- Expression, Self-Love, and Self-honor. The joy of knowing your worth and owning all that is different about you. Let all of this out, walk the way you want to walk, talk the way you want to talk, and live the way you want to live- as I always say, we live only once so we might as well make our time here worthwhile.

Peace & Love,


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