To Those Who Are Interested In Looking Beyond Happiness…

Millions of people around the world are walking the righteous path of happiness, pursuing a phantom of a feeling, a mirage of a state, the land of no-fault, where everything is exactly the way it “should be”.

The closer we get to it, the further it moves from us. We get tired, and sometimes give up completely. We say it doesn’t exist, we get trapped in a loop of despair. Then we try harder, giving it all we’ve got, hoping that someday we can get there, to the faraway land of pure joy.

We feel the disconnection, treat it as an out of body experience, as a goal to be worked for, and destination to run to.

We forget to look further, beyond happiness, beyond what “should be”, beyond effort, beyond our mind. We forget to look inside our hearts, search for our being, and feel it’s existence and its eternity.

Being is what we have now, what we had in the past and what we will have for years to come. Being is the only constant in the variables of life. Being is what we have to weather the storm of thoughts and madness of emotions. Bring your attention to your being, and then silence your mind.

Well-being is what will come out, it’s the moment of full surrender, of complete acceptance. It’s the moment we let go, the moment we move away from what “should be” and move closer to “what is”.

Well-being is the strength to know happiness is so close by when all we can feel is sadness. It’s the patience to endure through the journey of life believing it’s all going to be okay at the end. To live your true-self each moment, to cry, to laugh, to love, and to just be- to be there in the moment, every moment.

“Be — don’t try to become”
– Osho

Peace & Love,


2 thoughts on “To Those Who Are Interested In Looking Beyond Happiness…

  1. Fully agree…..
    We sometimes forget our “being” and what gives us true happiness or power & focus on other “beings” describing their OWN happiness/goals, then we imagine their happiness and try to belong to it ,so we end up giving on our own happiness in order for us to “FIT IN” theirs, thinking that their way is the “Right way” to feel happy….hope I’m making sense 🙂 i know i deviated from what you wrote but felt like sharing it…

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