Life is beautiful, life is challenging, life is exciting, and life is forever changing. Life will swing its bat at you, and it will swing it hard. That’s okay! Because life will also spread flowers down your path, and draw a rainbow in your sky.

Life is complicated, yet so simple. It intrigues your curiosity at one time and screams loud answers to your questions at another. I know, this sounds contradicting, but that’s part of its charm. No two days are alike, no two moments are the same.

Life is generous because life gives you the opportunity to explore yourself, your abilities, your desires, and your beliefs. It gives you the chance to write a new ending to your story every day.

Life is the gift to be able to smell the rain, to feel the wind brushing against your cheeks, to dance to the rhythm of your favorite song. Life is not what happened to us a year ago, or even a week ago! And, it’s definitely not what will happen to us ten years down the line. Life is where we are now, this is life as we should know it.

Life is loving from the heart, life is laughing as loud as you can, life is following your passion, life is believing in your beauty and the beauty of all that is around you. Life is honest connection, life is peace of mind, life is giving without expecting anything in return, life is accepting the now the way it is and making it the best now you can ever have.

Life is not being scared to be yourself, life is loving all that is different in you. Life is not settling for what does not serve you, life is knowing your true worth. Life is not fake interactions, life is genuine relationships.

Life is what we are made of, life is where we started our journey, and where we will write our last chapter. Life is a blessing, we are here now, and now is the best thing that can ever happen to us.

“Forever is composed of nows.”

– Emily Dickinson

“What day is it?”
It’s today,” squeaked Piglet.
My favorite day,” said Pooh.”
– A.A Milne

Peace & Love,



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