What Happens When Your Mind Has Nothing To Say?

Stop living in your head! 

I start this piece with such a bold statement; because I want it to be a strong reminder for you to snap out of your head for a moment.

If there is anything, and I mean anything that steals away the feeling of the present moment it’s our defeat against our own mind.

A mind is a relentless machine, one that we don’t have any control over, the speed at which it goes will stay and continue for the rest of our lives. Does that mean we are helpless? Of course not!

Because thoughts are not what shape our reality, it’s the belief, the attention and the power we give to that thought that makes it reserve a seat in our theatre of life.

Thoughts will come and go every day, what we can do is acknowledge these thoughts and the feelings they create, and then allow it to be, allow it to pass through us and dissolve into the nothingness it already is which is a thought!

The reason I am emphasizing the thought is that as Eckhart Tolle says: “we are all one thought away from misery and one thought away for enlightenment” 

A simple thought can actually shift our entire being, and this is why consciousness or awareness (AKA Mindfulness)  is vital in taming our thoughts and using them to our benefit and not the other way around.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is giving yourself the space to be, to grow, to love and to give. It’s stepping away from your thoughts into your inner silence, it’s allowing your inner power to glow, it’s leveraging your mind to your own benefit and taking it one step at a time from there. Mindfulness is when you actually free yourself and pave the way to creativeness, newness, and clarity.

Accept your thoughts, be aware of them, and simply send those which do not serve you into silence, chain their power and allow them to dissolve; because only then will you experience the true power of Mindfulness.

“When there is a quiet mind there is nothing to fear, for all fears exist only within the thoughts of the mind”


Peace & Love,

Sara Abiqwa


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