It Happens Because I Say It Will

It might sound condescending, or a bit arrogant, but it’s the light I saw at the end of a very dark tunnel. The tunnel of helplessness, lack of independence, lack of individualism, lack of inner power. The power to actually know that what you set your mind to will happen. It might not happen at the same moment you decide to do it or have it, but it will happen eventually.

And that is a huge part of the beauty of life, is to enjoy the journey, enjoy the ups and downs, enjoy the lightness and the heaviness of carrying through what you have in mind, of actually taking action towards the achievement of your self- desired lifestyle.

Life does not revolve around one goal, life revolves around a vision of a lifestyle you want to live every single day. This involves all kinds of goals, relationship goals, family goals, career goals, health goals, etc.

Imagine living as an empty boat in the middle of the sea, floating around helplessly, being at the mercy of waves, floating to wherever the sea might take you.

Let me tell you something, and be sure of it, this boat will never reach its destination. In fact, it will never reach any destination!

Now imagine a different boat, a boat with the fiercest captain, an unstoppable, indestructible captain that will set sail with a crystal clear image of the sought destination. On that day, the sunlight will shine so bright, the boat can’t even miss the harbor.

That is exactly the light I saw, the light of inner power, the light that allowed me to see my inner god, and actually feel its forces, shaking off beliefs and ideologies I’ve been carrying around with me for a very long time, knowing that I have the option to choose, I have the option to decide what I want, how I want to get there, and whether it’s the “right” thing or “wrong” thing to do.

I cut all mental strings that were leaving me like a puppet, controlled by life and life’s circumstances. I’m telling you, it’s breaking free from the jail cell I have always lived in. It’s the feeling of complete liberation.

And now I repeat again It will happen because I say it will.

It will also happen when you say it will.

“You become greater than what you conquer within.”
― Matshona Dhliwayo

Peace & Love

Sara Abiqwa

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