Why Am I Discussing The Rain In The Middle Of August?

It’s a rainy day…

What was the first thing that came to your mind when you heard this sentence?

Some might say a hot cup of coffee, others would say a couple dancing in the rain, or PJs and laying around the house doing absolutely nothing, going for a jog or maybe the bright green color of trees.

It’s one thought with a million interpretations, a million different reflections and reactions, a zillion mixed feelings of excitement, joy, romance or boredom.

But wait a minute! Why am I telling you all of this?

Because that is exactly what life is all about, every moment we are in is the manifest of our interpretation of a single thought. I always talk about the missing link, and this is exactly what I am referring to here, it’s the missing link in the process of forming our reality.

Thought – Feeling – ??? – Action – Result – Reality

So what is missing here? It’s what I call the feeling identification, which is how we chose to interpret a thought and whether we chose to believe it, act on it and have it as a reality or simply treat it the way it is, which is only a thought.

We are not experiencing life as it is, we are experiencing our ideas and beliefs about life, about our partner, our family, the country we live in or the weather!  We all went through past life experiences that hinder our awareness of being in the present moment.

This is freaking awesome! Let me tell you why?

  1. Because it means we have control over our thoughts, and it is up to us to let them overcome us, or make room for them to emerge and flow through us while keeping full awareness of the process.
  2. Life has unlimited possibilities of realities that we can choose from, realities that we can build by being aware and remembering the daunting fact that deep at our source we are empty, we are only space and that is all there is. So, chose to fill this space wisely!

Now, to sum up, I’m going to ask you to always be on alert for the missing link, whenever you get a thought, pause! And let your feelings be your compass. If the feeling you get is a positive one, chose to identify with it and turn it into a reality. If not, don’t put more thoughts on top of it or try to analyze it, just let it be, let it fade as fast as it was born and move on with your day.

“A man is but the product of his thoughts what he thinks, he becomes.”

– Mahatma Gandhi

Peace & Love,

Sara Abiqwa

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