What Are The 3 Things We Take For Granted?

We go about life so busy, having schedules, putting reminders, running around in circles without actually taking a minute to stop and think about the three most important things that actually make our lives worth living:

1) Priorities

We are so occupied we forget to set our priorities straight! What is your priority? Is it family? Is it friends?? is it your music? What exactly makes up your life priorities?

By putting everything into perspective you will live a richer, easier and happier life. If family is your priority, then you will make sure you leave work on time to make it home for dinner. If music is your priority, you will push through the fatigue and play for at least an hour a day, this applies to every other area of your life.

“To be happy, do more of what makes you happy” – It’s that simple!

2) Lifestyle

Having a clear vision of the lifestyle we want to have goes a long way. Makes it easier for you to pick and choose the things that serve in building the lifestyle you want for yourself.

If you see yourself leading a healthy lifestyle, then identifying this image vividly will help you make healthy food choices, will push you to go to the gym and exercise even when you don’t feel like it.

Just draw the lifestyle you desire and start taking one step at a time to actually live it!

3) Values

Our emotional compass often gives us red flags when something we are saying or doing doesn’t really sit well with who we truly are. However, we are so taken by life that we choose to ignore these red flags and move forward.

What happens is we end up straying further and further from our true values, and hence become more lost and detached.

Pay attention to your moral and emotional compass, sit down and identify the values you would want to build your entire life on.

If it’s freedom, don’t allow yourself to be controlled. If it’s simplicity, don’t over complicate things. If it’s excitement, don’t approach your days with a dull attitude.

Pay attention to the things that actually matter by the end of the day; because otherwise, we are only rats in a rat race, running constantly but never actually getting anywhere.

“The saddest summary of a life contains three descriptions: could have, might have, and should have.”

– Louis E. Boone

Peace & Love,

Sara Abiqwa

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