The 3 Levels of Judgement

Acceptance is the ability to see the beauty beneath the rubble, to see the gray area in a black and white world, to be willing to walk half way in order to stand right in the middle.

How easy and quick does judgement come to the human mind?

We meet someone, and in the first couple of minutes or even seconds, we judge them. Judge them by what they wear, how they look like, what language they speak and what watch they’re wearing.

And then on to level two, we sit with this someone and again more judgements come to mind, this time about what their interests are, what their religious beliefs are, what kind of music they listen to, whether they read or not, I can just go on forever.

Now on to level three, we start judging ourselves, our social skills, our communication skills, or status and whether we can relate and interact with this someone or not.

It’s part of the human psyche to try and put labels on things, on people, on situations and on ourselves. But always remember these labels are mind made, they are the invention of your own thoughts, your upbringing and your social conditioning.

How about we try an alternative approach to this one, why not meet people with the intention of having an open mind?

We all jump and say I am an openminded person, but are you really?

Do you accept people as they are? respect their different opinions? have compassion for their life situations? If you do then I salute you. If not, try to remember that before we grew to be different nations, countries and races we were all one, we were the human race and we will always be the human race.

We all want love, we want happiness and most importantly we want acceptance and the feeling of belonging.

Let’s be each other’s support system because together we are stronger, together we can thrive, together we will live.

“Can you look without the voice in your head commenting, drawing conclusions, comparing, or trying to figure something out?”
― Eckhart Tolle

Peace & Love,

Sara Abiqwa

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