The Beauty of An Organized Mind

How easy is the idea of an organized mind? Not so easy is it?

The human brain has millions and millions of thought processes every day! Imagine yourself in the subway with no set destination, the subway can go at the speed of light and yet the subway will never reach anywhere, it will keep going and going until it can’t go no more.

Knowing this would you want to go on that subway? or would you rather take a taxi and tell the driver where to go exactly?

I guess the answer is clear, we will all go with the latter option. Because that option will let you enjoy the ride knowing you will reach your destination in a couple of minutes or a couple of hours.

An organized brain is the taxi driver, you just need to give it the right instructions and it will take you exactly where you want to go. I was once told that life would be simpler if we treated it like a puzzle and broke it down to pieces in order to see where each fit perfectly.

That can’t be truer! Thinking about the meeting you have, the bills you must pay, your diet plan, going to the gym, taking a course and traveling to all the countries you’ve always dreamt of visiting all at once will not get you anywhere. Believe me for I was in that situation for the longest period of time and still am in the process of mastering it.

It will just leave you in the middle of the sea with no land in sight and not knowing which direction to swim in.

So, start your puzzle and study each piece closely, set your priorities right. Do you want to start with the edge pieces or the middle ones? That is entirely up to you. Just be true to yourself and know what is really important to you, moving forward you will have your priorities straight, you will have a good plan in place and you will reach the mind mastery which is your driver to a prosperous life.

“Set peace of mind as the highest goal, and organize your life around it”

– Brian Tracy.


Peace & Love,

Sara Abiqwa

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