For Those Who Are Interested In Knowing What The Missing Link Is

A thought brings with it a certain feeling, the feeling pushes us to do certain actions, the actions we take generate certain results.

So, let’s say you wake up in the morning, hit your toe on the side of the bed, and you go: “oh great, this looks like a shitty day!” and you feel angry and stupid for not seeing where you’re going, you drive to work like a zombie, you enter your workplace without saying good morning, you skip your workout for the day because “you’re not in the mood”. This day ends up being a really shitty day just like you thought it would be.

But what’s the missing link here?

Let’s go back a bit, so a thought generates a certain feeling… Okay stop right here!

It’s what happens now that matters the most, it’s what I call the feeling identification. It’s what you decide to do with that feeling that is the missing link in this equation.

You can believe it, identify yourself with it and by that giving it power over you, power to control your next actions. Or,

You take control over your next actions and say okay my toe hurts like freakin hell but that has nothing to do with how this day will play out, because it might end up being an awesome day after all!

Play close attention to the missing link and separate yourself from your thoughts because they are the invention of your own imagination.

“Your mind will enchain you. Your heart will set you free”

― Rasheed Ogunlaru


Peace & Love,

Sara Abiqwa


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