Are You Your Worst Enemy? I know I was!

How often do you hear people say or hear yourself say: “I am my worst enemy!”

All of us at some point in our lives were our own worst enemy, starting from the inner convos of self-doubt, to the limitations we put on ourselves because “We know we can do this but can’t do that”, “We don’t have what it takes” or “We were not born to be x or y”.

Let me tell you why we do this?

− Because we were conditioned in a certain way at a very young age, that it feels normal to think in that way when we’re full grown adults.

− Because, at some point we had a specific thought about a situation and we decided to believe that thought and adopt it and react on it every day of our lives.

− Because deep down inside we feel we are not enough and as a result we start seeking approval and acceptance from the world around us, parents, spouse, friends, society, culture, etc.

− Because it is easier to quit on ourselves than know ourselves and our powers.

Be your own voice of assurance, and your truest deepest friend. Do that by de-cluttering your mind from all those blind beliefs, going back into your inner space and connecting to your true self:

− You will be liberated from all self limitation.

− You will have self value and self love which is the most important form of love.

− You will surrender to the flow of life and build a world around you that reflects your own inner power.

Know the true you, connect to it, act on it and most importantly, never stray away from it.

“The world within you is of greater consequence than the world around you.”

― Matshona Dhliwayo


Peace & Love,

Sara Abiqwa



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