For Those Interested In Owning Their Life Role

We all have our unique roles in life; some of us are CEOs, some of us are moms or dads, some of us are athletes, some of us are dancers, bloggers, actresses, actors and so on.

But, what differentiates one CEO from another, or one mom from another? it’s the ownership they have of that role.

Having a strong compelling belief in your role, whatever it was, helps you take it to the next level, helps you do wonders with it, helps you enjoy it and be present in it and for it.

I was pondering this thought today, and it came to me that in order to have solid and complete ownership of the role you choose in your life you need to:

– know your goals, your ambitions, your blueprint and then ask yourself how this role fits in making your life puzzle whole.

“Will it make you a happier person? Will it help you live the lifestyle you’ve always wanted? Will it help you feel fulfilled?”

– Be present within yourself and connect to the feeling you get when you visualize living this role on daily basis.

“Because everything in life starts with a feeling and ends with a feeling.”

– Set a clear plan on what actions you want to take in order to grow yourself and thrive in your self-chosen role.

“In order to grow in something, you need to be focused, you need to have a clear mind on what actions you want to take and why you want to take them.”

– Write down the results you want to achieve by living and practicing this role.

“You can only appreciate the seed when you taste the fruit.”

Then, and only then will you be able to compassionately evaluate your role and decide if it serves you and your inner truth. We get only one chance in life, so we might as well make it worth living.

“A lamp cannot play the role of the Sun and the Sun cannot play the role of a lamp.”
― Amit Kalantri

Peace & Love,

Sara Abiqwa

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