Why We Should Bust Through Assumptions?

We live every-day of our lives based on freakin assumptions! like for example, in the middle east, girls should not speak out loud, or work in certain jobs, or hang out with a lot of boys, or do this or do that! But come on! For what? for a bunch of assumptions! A belief that a girl is weaker than a boy, or a girl who gets lots of attention is “bad” girl, or whatever dumb belief we still chose to live by!

Move on and bust these assumptions, break free from whatever life you thought you were conditioned to live. Freedom of life is the freedom to ask questions, the freedom to be curious, the freedom to try new ways of living, new ways of loving, new ways of succeeding.

How fun is a life of no constraints? how powerful is a mind of no restraints? I’m telling you it’s too darn fun!

No successful person has ever made it to where he or she is without being curious, without questioning the assumptions of life, of money, of love, of business, of everything that makes our life path and journey a richer one, a more adventurous one and most importantly a more successful one.

Have you ever learnt something new without being curious about it? Have you ever overcome a fear without choosing to drop the assumption that it’s scary?

I guess not! So why not to choose a life full of possibilities, a life where you see endless limits of growth, of learning, of being someone who you always dreamt of being. Be that person and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

“Have a voice and speak as loud as you want, for when you call for life, you want to make sure you were loud enough to be heard.”


Peace & Love,

Sara Abiqwa




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