Daily Reminder

We set the alarm clock on to wake up each morning, and we snooze and snooze until we can’t afford to snooze anymore. It’s so hard to wake up but we have to, it’s for our own good, it’s for going to work, waking our kids up, working out, whatever it is, it’s for us to be productive and get going with our day.

But what happens, if we don’t set the alarm clock on? We stay asleep, we are late and then everything we planned to do falls out of place.

This is exactly what we should do on the inside, we should set our inner alarm clocks on to wake up our consciousness; otherwise, we will keep living under the control of the subconscious with all the emotions, fears, doubts that have been living and thriving in it for the past twenty, thirty or even forty years taking the driver seat in the vehicle of our own lives.

I know by now you are probably asking yourself, but how do we turn our internal alarm clocks on? The answer is autosuggestion, and yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like, an automatic suggestion of information and questions to the brain that you do over and over again until you shift your entire thought paradigm.

Did you know that humans have complete control over their thought! I was astonished when I learnt that fact, because I was living by the faulty belief that thoughts are wild horses that can never be tamed.

So, like I always say, what better moment than the moment of now to start practicing autosuggestion. be generous with yourself, feed your brain the healthiest information, read books that enriches your awareness, watch motivational videos, have deep profound conversations with people of high energy and knowledge, ask yourself inspirational questions, whatever it is that works out for you just do it.

“You yourself as much as anybody in the entire universe deserve your love and affection.”

– Mahatma Gandhi.

Peace & Love,

Sara Abiqwa

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