Processed With DarkroomLet me start by saying I am not one thing, in particular, I am everything I LOVE!

I am a woman, I am a wife, I am a writer, I am a Wellness & Health Coach, I am a spiritual junkie, I am a dream advocate, and I am a truth seeker, plus as you can see I am a book nerd!

My name is Sara, a 29-year-old born and raised in the Middle East, specifically in Amman, Jordan- with roots from Nalchik, the capital city of Kabardino Republic, or let’s call it Russia for short.

I am the youngest of three, one brother and one sister. My Mom and Dad are simply amazing people whom I hold dear to my heart.

With a liberal dad and a conservative mom, you tend to breakthrough all traditions and make your own self-made path.

The Power Within is my calling in life, it’s what I believe in and what I live by. It’s all the beauty we have inside, all the courage, the love, the joy, the determination and willpower to do whatever we set our minds to do.

I believe that the life we want is one decision away, and that is the decision that we want to make it happen.

So please join me here for a radical movement towards Mind Mastery and Inner Soul Power to not only be bold enough to ask for our Dream Life but actually LIVE IT!


Peace & Love,

Sara Abiqwa